Hot Today #12

JYDGE attempts 5k park run (spoiler: nails it).

JYDGE for Yourself

With over a BILLION different cyberware and weapon configuration options, YOU be the JYDGE.

Build your own JYDGE

State of the art cyberware enables JYDGE customization for the specific tasks ahead.

Lawfyl But Awfyl

Blast your foes with Heavy Rockets from a distance. Sneak up on the perps and execyte them with Powerslam of Jystice. Throw them off tall buildings. Bring an army of companions and lead them to rip out the heart of low-life criminality. You choose.

JYDGE's Gavel

Each JYDGE is issued an ultra-modern and versatile firearm - the Gavel.

Several deadly fire modes and mod slots make the weapon the ultimate tool of delightful destruction.

EXHIBIT A) With the right mods your bullets can penetrate walls. Just mind the flowers.

EXHIBIT B) Or why have walls at all - just blow them up with SPECIAL fire mode.

Edenbyrg - Your Urban Paradise

The filthy stench of crime has taken over Edenbyrg. But do not fall into despair, the lawful but awful JYDGEs are designed to swiftly correct all lawless behavior.

Bank robbers have fortified themselves into the MegaBank. There are four ways into the bank, but only one way out of the vault. How will you proceed?

Several Cobra Gang members have taken the Flanders family hostage. They need to be rescued. Preferably alive. Your move.

The darkest rain-beaten alleys of Edenbyrg also tell a rumor that someone is building a death machine. Something big and especially designed for taking out JYDGEs. Arm yourself!

Grand Gallery

Moving Images

JYDGE's Companion Pulice Spiders hate byrds more than perps :(

Advantages of tall buildings: 1) beautiful sights, 2) convenient murder by gravity

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